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Our water is controlled by our responsible manager who is expert in its domain in the laboratory of our factory every day and it is recorded in our Ministry of Health certified Book.

Additionally it is controlled once in a month by Istanbul Region Sanitation Institute Directorate or Bartın Provincial Public Health Directorate.

Besides its extensive analyses are made once in a year by Ankara Refik Saydam Sanitary Center Presidency.

Below there are PDF documents of the analyses results which are received from concerning institutions. You can see the bigger versions of this documents by clicking on the pictures.
Türk Akredidasyon
Refik Saydam
Hıfzısıhha Merkezi 1
Refik Saydam
Hıfzısıhha Merkezi 2
Kaynak Suyu Ruhsatına
Esas Analiz Sertifikası
Kaynak Suyu
Analiz Raporu 1
Kaynak Suyu
Analiz Raporu 2
Trityum Deney
Sonuç Raporu
Alfa Beta Deney
Sonuç Raporu
Anasayfa - Selen Su İletişim Bayilik Ön Koşulları