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Bardak Selen Su
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Plastic Selen Water
(12 piecespackage)
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Plastic Selen Water
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Plastic Selen Water
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Plastic Selen Water
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Carboy water
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Selen Water, goes up to the land surface from its source in the summit of Amasra by itself naturally without using any technical method and reaches our modern facilities without contacting with human and air by taking ultra hygiene precautions with 2725 meters of transmission line and presented to our consumers by bottling without human touch, without losing its cleanliness and freshness, has 2 F° of hardness degree oscillation, placed in soft water group and subject to the Water İntended For Human Consumption Regulation.

The Turkish meaning of Selen is:

  1. Colloquially: Sound, news, information
  2. Good news

Selen's meaning according to us:

Reaches you whenever you demand, appreciates you.


Why Selen Carboy Water?
neden selen su damacana?
  • It's health and world-wide accepted polycarbonate (PC) packaged.
  • Its handleless to provide hygiene during washing.
  • The carboys are washed with 70°C - 55°C of hot water and disinfected with special food detergent.
  • The water used in washing and rinsing is Selen Natural Mineral Water..
  • The disinfected bottles are filled and closed in completely closed and hygienic stage without human touch, in full-automatic machines and closed.
  • It is closed completely and does not leak with its cover and carboy quality, adjustment and smooth part.
  • It protects the consumers with original Selen embossed cover production and print which contains the expiry date.
  • The special safety band which guarantees that it is opened firstly by you, carries Selen brand.
  • It protects you from fakes with Selen logo sticker and emboss in its body.


It reaches to the bottle from its source, to your glass from its bottle, in the cleanliness and freshness which mothers can make their babies drink without boiling.

It's a trustable and registered brand since 1995 up to today.

Anasayfa - Selen Su İletişim Bayilik Ön Koşulları