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As a company who owns the most widespread sales and marketing web in Western Blacksea Region since 1969, we preferred to make an investment on filling and packaging natural mineral water in 1993. We discovered Selen water which is in its own taste and features after long reserachs due to existence of the big brands in the sector although water is a local concept.

By receiving our Selen brand patent in 1995 and natural mineral water operating license in 1997, we supplied our first product to our valuable consumers in 0.30 cc of glass bottles (returnable case-bottle). We developed our product variability in 0,5 lt PVC and 1,5 lt PVC bottles upon the demands of our dealers. In these years, although the costs of plastic packaged water production and PVC packaged water production are the samei PVC was a difficult product. It used to be broken during transport. It didn't also seem elegant visually.(Pet packaged water production was in one company as patented and quoted until 2000) This investment of ours remained as an investment experience which went to waste before acquiring a certain place in the market.

In 1999, we increased our product success, performance and production capacity with 19 Lt Carboy (Polycorbonate bottle) water production by the acceptance of PC Carboy package of Ministry of Health in 1999. In Western Blacksea region we became the leader company in sales and marketing of 19 Lt PC Carboy production and distribution.

We have the proud of giving service to our customers from 2005 up to today by the purchase of 0,5 lt pet and 1,5 lt pet machines and completing the other revision operations.


We began the production of 5 liters and 10 liters of plastic water upon the intensive demand of the market in 2008.


In 2011 we began the production of 200 cc, 250 cc, 300 cc plastic water glass which did not exist in Western Blacksea. We have reached the position of making production in all package types.

We are going on our way with our customers by increasing the segment of our product which we prepared with natural mineral water and presented for the like of our customers as a customer-focused working institutional company.

Board Chairman
Necmi ABAY

Anasayfa - Selen Su İletişim Bayilik Ön Koşulları