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What are the features of Natural Mineral Water?

The mineral Water composes naturally in the geological units in accordance with the geological conditions. It goes up to the ground from one or more exit point by itself or it's ejected with technical ways. It carries the requirements and labelling features apart from the permitted Water İntended For Human Consumption Regulation published by Ministry of Health. It is the groundwater which is packaged with sales purposes and presented to the market.

What are the Task of Water in Our Bodies?

  •  Water composes some parts of the body tissues and organ structures.
  • Water carries the aliments (minerals and vitamins) and hormones to the cells, tissues and organs which need them.
  • Water helps the wastes to be annihilated.
  • Water contributes to the regulation of the body heat by evaporating (perpiration) inside of skin.

In short water in body functions like a reservoir which provides the organism to be washed in urgent situations. Regulating the body heat and keeping the skin healthy are among its basic functions.

How much water should we drink?

Everybody knows that water is like a magical beverage. The main condition to be health and beautiful and to protect the moisture in the skin and body is drinking plenty of water.

Getting thirsty is a message which thyroid gland transmits by mouth and carries the meaning of requirement to become watery. But it is a requirement which has personal and physiological dimensions and changes person to person. Some people drink 2 glasses of water while some drink 2 liters. (For example, the mechanism of getting thirsty loses its efficiency as the age increases. The old people get dehydrated so rapidly.Because they don't feel that they must drink water oftenly.)

The best method is drinking water little and oftenly, especially apart from the hours in which the foods are not digested. But try not to drink when consuming power and think of the boxers who swash the water in their mouth.

If you drink water so much in one time, the possibility of ruining the kidneys is so high. Especially drinking a glass of water while waking up in the morning cleans all organism and purifies from the toxins and provides to be robust and sinewed.

In Which Temperature the Natural Mineral Water should be drink?

The ideal consuming temperature of the natural mineral water is not standard and changes from person to person. But the temperature of 10 - 12° C is most ideal for water to be drunk.

What are the Usage Life and Conditions of Packaged Water?

The shelf life of the packaged water depends on maintain and company conditions.

The water must be maintained in the cool stages away from the sun light. There should not be smelly materials next to it which can effect water and package material.

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