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The importance of water for babies and children:

Water generates the 50-60 % of the body weight in adults. This rate reaches up to 70% in the babies who are born in time and up to 80% in the babies who are born early. Water in the body of the child, is placed between cells and circulation system compared to the adults. The children lose more water in comparison with the adults. Not replacing the lost water can threaten children lives.

The Importance of Water for Old People:

Human consumes the least water in senescence period in his life stages. Because the rate of sending thirst signals as the human gets old. It can even become blind completely. Whereas the vital importance of the water is so high in senescence period.

The Importance of Water for Athletes:

70% of the muscles are made of water. The composition of the energy which is essential for movements, constitutes in the stage in where water is this intensive. In the lack of water, the muscles don't function in complete efficiency.

The Importance of Water in Journey:

The water losing rate increases as going up to the high altitudes in plane journeys and mountain climbing. The body must recover the water that it loses during the journey rapidly.

Please Do Not Forget ! No liquid can replace water.

For health, Selen Water.

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